Musician Songwriter


Jeff Gabriele

Standing in front of a mirror at the age of 8 years old at a neighbor's house, wearing my friend's older brother's over sized guitar, that's the moment I knew I wanted to be a musician.

Growing up on a ranch in northern California, I learned how to be a real cowboy raising all kinds of farm animals. In addition, I also worked growing alfalfa hay, building fences, cutting firewood and moving irrigation pipes. My spare time consisted of fishing, riding my horse and writing songs.

Living on a ranch there wasn't much time for television and if you did have time, there was only one channel except when it snowed then there were two".

In high school (which was a two hour bus ride each way), I would get together with other kids and we'd play guitars and sing songs. I still remember the first time I played with a drummer, bass and two guitars... It was almost to good to be true!

After high school I started playing music professionally and have always carried the passion of music in my heart.

People have described my music and songs as little stories
of everyday life, where the listener can visualize, relate and identify with.
Sacramento, CA USA